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Over 10+ years of experience providing expert services

In 2011, MAX Education Links PVT. LTD. was established. We are registered under the Companies Act, 1956 (No. 1 of 1956). MAX Education Links PVT. LTD as a counselling organisation, offers Overseas Education to numerous schools, colleges, and universities in abroad. We assist aspiring Indian students in identifying, selecting, and studying the relevant streams of education at reputable universities worldwide. What started as a little foundation has grown into a large structure built on the four pillars of vision, service, ethics, and transparency during the previous years.

In the states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir, this has earned us a position of honor in the hearts of students, parents, and society. Today, our goodwill serves as a source of power, inspiration, brand image, and a driving factor for us to reach new heights. We are proud to be partnered with the largest number of universities and colleges in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States of America, Germany, France, Greece, Netherland, Finland, Spain and Italy.

Mr. Prakshit Palwa, MD of MAX Education Links Pvt. Ltd. is ICEF certified Trained Agent Counsellor. This organization is global market leader in business-to-business networking events and services for the international education sector.

We hold Educational Summits and Educational Seminar to advise students on higher education options in various districts of Punjab, Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir where Education Magazines, e-Magazines, promotional materials are doled out FREE OF COST. We give away our Education Magazine to 200,000 students in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir for free. This magazine promotes Universities and Colleges who are welcome to place their advertisements to reach the target with a 100% hit rate. We have collaborations with over 70 engineering and management colleges and universities in India. They require degree articulation agreements with the world's finest colleges and universities.

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Our Strategy

To become one of the most sought after study abroad & immigration consultancy services in India, trusted and preferred by the client for delivering consistent results!


Our Mission

We offer our clients high-quality immigration services that fulfill their delightful dreams as they begin their new and exciting life in a new country.


Our Achievements

We want to fill the void in study abroad & immigration consultancy service business by delivering innovative and affordable solutions to win the trust of the client.


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