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New Zealand

New Zealand may be the last country discovered and the youngest country on earth, but its culture certainly dates back hundreds of years. The first New Zealanders, the Maori, migrated there from Polynesian islands; about 800 years later, the first Europeans arrived and began extensive migration. Today, the population of New Zealand is an interesting combination of south-Pacific islanders, Europeans, and a growing population of Asians. New Zealand is situated on two neighboring islands, and is home to one of the most beautiful natural environments on the planet.

There is something magical about New Zealand – the people, the landscape, the culture, the vibe – that permeates you. You come to the country as an awe-inspired college student, and leave a part of you behind.

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New Zealand is English speaking and the majority of the population is of European descent, the nation is fiercely proud of being bicultural and there is a strong Maori presence in all aspects of society. Sports are huge in New Zealand as well, with the All Blacks rugby team taking on hero status in the nation.