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Sections In Detail

PTE Academic assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing all via computer in a single 3 hour test session.To complete a PTE Academic test, you will need to attend a secure Pearson test centre. You will use a computer and headset to listen to, read and respond to questions.

During the three-hour test session there will be three main parts to the test: speaking,writing, listening and reading. There are twenty different question formats, ranging from multiple choice through to essay writing and interpreting information.PTE Academic assesses real-life, academic content, so you will hear excerpts from lectures and view graphs and charts. You will hear a range of accents in the test, from British and American to non-native speakers, so you will be exposed to the type of accents you will encounter in everyday life.

Speaking Skills

Speaking item types require you to respond orally using fluent speech, correct intonation, stress and pronunciation that are easily understandable to most regular speakers of the language. Speaking item types are not timed individually.Effective speaking, in both everyday and test situations, requires attention to the five areas:

  • Organization
  • Listener's needs
  • Fluency and cohesion
  • Control of language
  • Appropriate intonation and stress patterns

Writing Skills

Writing item types require you to write a response in standard academic English,using correct grammar and spelling according to conventions from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Two item types appear in the writing sections of the PTE Academic.The total time to complete the writing sections is 40, 50 or 60 minutes, depending on the combination of items in a given test.(2 summaries and one essay-40 mins, 3 summaries and one essay-50 mins, or 2 summaries and two essays-60 mins.) You may take notes using the Erasable Noteboard Booklet and pen, and use these notes as a guide when answering the items.

Reading Skills

Reading Item types require you to understand an authentic text from an academic source.Five item types appear in the reading partThe total time to complete the reading part is approximately 32-41 minutes.,depending on combination of items.It includes:

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Re-order paragraphs
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice questions

Listening Skills

Listening item types require you to understand an audio or video recording of an authentic lecture,presentation or dialogue from an academic source.Eight item types appear in the listening part .The total Time to complete the listening part is approx 45-47 minutes,depending on the combination of items.Your score is based on five factors:

  • Content
  • Grammer
  • Vocabulary
  • Form
  • Spelling